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Jesus Prayer Introductory Set
Jesus Prayer
Introductory Set

List Price: $63.95
Price: $57.95
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Orthodox Books on Prayer
Orthodox Books
on Prayer

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Orthodox Icons
Lord Jesus Christ
Holy Theotokos
Church Feasts
The Holy Saints
Icons of Prophets
Matched Sets
Icons of Angels
Icons in English
Russian Silk
Orthodox Icons

Russian Silk Orthodox Icons
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Icons & Pendants

Orthodox Car Icons, Crosses and Pendants
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Handpainted Greek Orthodox Icons
Handpainted Icons
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Solid Brass Icon Stands
Solid Brass
Icon Stands

Available in
3", 5", 7" & 9" sizes

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All books by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos of Nafpaktos Metropolitan
Hierotheos Vlachos
of Nafpaktos Books

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Welcome to ArchangelsBooks.com!

  • I Know a Man in Christ: Elder Sophrony the Hesychast and Theologian
by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos of Nafpaktos

    I Know a Man in Christ:
    Elder Sophrony the Hesychast and Theologian
    by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos of Nafpaktos

    New Title!

    Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos wrote this book about Elder Sophrony as an expression of gratitude for his long association (17 years) with the Elder and “to share with readers the spiritual wealth that I unworthily received”.

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  • 20% OFF Children's Icon Board Books

    Children's Icon Board Books

    Beautiful Orthodox Christian Children’s hard board books, full of color illustrative iconography. Very easy to clean and wipe off.

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  • From I-ville to You-ville by Mersine Vigopoulou

    From I-ville to You-ville
    by Mersine Vigopoulou

    Back in Print!

    I-ville—a Kingdom where pride and selfishness dwell, and where people live by the motto “Me first!” You-ville—a Kingdom where humility and kindness have their home, and where people put the good of others before their own. This is a story of a young boy named Stubborn, as he strives to become the first person of I-ville to make the difficult journey to the beautiful, joy-filled Kingdom of You-ville, and to become a citizen there.

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  • New Akathists

    Many New Akathists Available

    New Items!

    ArchangelsBooks.com now offers many new Akathists for a variety of occassions (cancer, raising children, blessed married life, etc.) and to Saints.

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  • Three Bar Wall Cross

    40% Off this beautiful three bar wall cross!

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  • ICXC Bracelet

    ICXC Bracelet

    • swarovski crystals & 100% sterling silver elements
    • 7" long with toggle clasp
    • black leatherette box
    • available in all birthstone colors

    Witness for Jesus Christ with this beautiful Greek ICXC bracelet. It is made to remind us of the love and mercy of Him throughout the day.

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Our Purpose

As an Orthodox Online Books & Gifts Store, our hope and prayers are that each of the Orthodox products and the services offered on this website, which were generated in love by either a monastic, clergyman or lay person and were done so for the sake of others and our Lord Jesus Christ — may lead each of us to strengthen our faith and love in our Lord, our neighbors and His Holy Church.

We continually strive to offer one of the most complete lines of Orthodox Christian products available anywhere on the internet. The products we offer (whether Orthodox books, Orthodox music, Orthodox icons, Orthodox gifts or Orthodox jewelry) come from most of the leading Orthodox publishers and manufacturers and many others including hard to reach and more obscure Orthodox publishers. We also import many of our Orthodox supplies. ArchangelsBooks.com is a complete Orthodox supplier where you can usually find what you're looking for, from a large variety of sources; with all the convenience of internet shopping and service in one place.

We hope you will consider us for all your future Orthodox books, Orthodox icons, Orthodox music, Orthodox jewelry, Prayer Rope(s) for saying the Jesus Prayer, Home and Church supplies – Liturgical or Church Incense, censer or incense burners, charcoal for incense, Orthodox Oil Vigil lamps and Beeswax candles, and especially if you're looking for a Greek or Russian Orthodox cross. We also offer selections of Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Chant, Greek and Russian Orthodox Church Music.

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New Book!
I Know a Man in Christ: Elder Sophrony the Hesychast and Theologian by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos of Nafpaktos

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Children’s Icon
Board Books

20% Children's Icon Board Books

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Back in Print!
From I-ville to You-ville by Mersine Vigopoulou

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Children’s Books
Select Childrens Books!

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New Children’s Coloring & Activity Books!
Children’s Coloring
& Activity Books!

Paterikons for Kids
Paterikons for Kids

Children’s Story Books
Children’s Story Books

Children's Section

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New Beautiful Children's Books
Children’s Books

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Starter Pkg.

10% Off
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Church Incense

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All Self-Lite
Charcoal 10% Off

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